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The Exodus from a previous life

Every time you talk with people about Jesus and the life as a Christian you encounter or better yet understand what life was before you accepted Jesus. How you couldn't understand why people could serve Jesus, while you were just enjoying life, not going against the ten commandments of God. But still living in sin without knowing it.

To elaborate on living in sin: living in sin is just living in disobedience to the Lord. Meaning to not follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

How God forms his children

These last couple of days I have tried to dedicate more time to prayer and spend more time reading the Bible. Instead of watching television or spending time on the internet I tried to reserve more time for God.

How God can bless an island

This morning I read an article in a local paper about the island of Curacao being the only island in the Caribbean having a major growth of tourism.

I would like to thank The Lord, our God, our Saviour for the blessings that He has given this island. We have to be more concious of praising Him more that everything else. To do his work is a privilage, to get blessed is even greater privilage. Thank the Lord daily for all the tourists that are visiting.

Customers that want something yesterday and don't understand planning

You get to know customers by working with them on something that is new for them. They do not seem to understand the concept of planning. Most of the time you get in contact with them because of this bad habit: they do not plan and they are always running after the fact.In this case it is best to try to convince the customer that they need a plan. A plan for their strategy, for their daily operation and a plan B. After you have convinced them of the planning you can start to work on implementing the plans.

Struggle with site administration

Documentation is the essential part of software writing and distribution. People do not realize that time is needed for this part. That is why most of the time software does not work. Because people don't take time to document the stuff they code. Argh! Anyway, lets continue with reverse engineering. Then I can write my part of the documentation.

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