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Customers that want something yesterday and don't understand planning

You get to know customers by working with them on something that is new for them. They do not seem to understand the concept of planning. Most of the time you get in contact with them because of this bad habit: they do not plan and they are always running after the fact.In this case it is best to try to convince the customer that they need a plan. A plan for their strategy, for their daily operation and a plan B. After you have convinced them of the planning you can start to work on implementing the plans.

Struggle with site administration

Documentation is the essential part of software writing and distribution. People do not realize that time is needed for this part. That is why most of the time software does not work. Because people don't take time to document the stuff they code. Argh! Anyway, lets continue with reverse engineering. Then I can write my part of the documentation.


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