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The Exodus from a previous life

Every time you talk with people about Jesus and the life as a Christian you encounter or better yet understand what life was before you accepted Jesus. How you couldn't understand why people could serve Jesus, while you were just enjoying life, not going against the ten commandments of God. But still living in sin without knowing it.

To elaborate on living in sin: living in sin is just living in disobedience to the Lord. Meaning to not follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

We all come to a point in our lives that we get to a crossroad. We have to make a decision. The best decision I made was to follow Jesus. For some of us it takes a crisis, being it emotional, spiritual, financial or social, others it is that they want to progress.
At the crossroad you can make the decision to look for a solution or keep the same status.
In my case, I had no choice, I had to make a decision. I was in a state of crisis. I decided not to stay in the state of crisis. I chose Jesus.

Choosing didn't mean that I left the state immediately physically and emotionally, but spiritually I was free. Now I had to only work on the rest in faith. I considered it a journey, to learn, because although I was brought up with the Lord in my life, so I thought, I still had to learn a lot. Being brought up in a rather business oriented family I had to learn that for example you can not do on to others things for selfish reasons. That is hard! Hard when you know that doing business is mostly acting selfish.

So went through a transformation and still am, to learn how to act and live in obedience of the Lord. Selfishness had to go, had to take care of more than your own, care for others, treat people more and more with respect(although I used to do this, but still in certain circumstances you would loose your temper), have compassion with others, help them, help those in need. These are a couple of the aspects flowing from the command: Love thy neighbor as thyself.

So, I underwent an exodus from my old life to my new life. A reborn Christian, a new being. This the way I think that we all have to go, to reconnect with the Lord. As He intended, not as I intended.
Now you would ask: what are the benefits? We as human beings are always seeking a benefit. I would tell you: you are saved for life, if you accept Jesus as your only and sufficient savior. With that come: joy, peace, life in abundance. To name a few.

This exodus you need to consider also for a nation and nations. Since I am talking about nations, I think that my island Korsou needs an exodus. As a whole we need the exodus and to let the Lord lead us in our actions. Try God and you will see. You will be led out of the Egypt you are in to the promised land that God has planned for you. As long as you set God in front of you, like the Israeli did on their journey out of Egypt into the holy land, you will also reach your destiny.

Of course obstacles will be there to discourage you. The guide is there, His Word. And using the ten commandments to guide you on a daily basis. Do not give up. Trust in God.
God bless you that took the time to read this.